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“Home renovation can seem an intimidating task. Allow Houston Renovators to use our expertise to quell any fears you may have. Our proven process makes it a joy to undertake the project of your dreams.”


A critical first step, Houston Renovators takes the time to understand your vision. We know the questions to ask to ensure every detail is fleshed out. Whether you have fully detailed architectural plans or just that one inspiration photo from Pinterest, we will work with the necessary professionals to create a comprehensive plan for the project. Once all materials and finishes are selected, we move on to the estimation phase.


Our team collects detailed measurements, consults with vendors, sub-contractors, and our in-house team to create a down-to-the-dollar, accurate quote with pricing our company can stand behind. While, in construction, the unexpected is often to be expected, HR strives to foresee all potential issues that may arise, and discuss these with the client before proceeding. Honesty and transparency are core values of Houston Renovators and this is apparent during the estimation process. With pricing agreed upon, you can be confident you’re getting great value for great work as construction begins.


The exciting part! Houston Renovators handles all scheduling of work completion from demolition to the final punchlist and cleaning. Efficient planning of the many crafts involved in the project ensures projects are concluded in a timely manner. Communication is key, and we keep our clients informed of what is happening on which days so you can make any necessary arrangements. Excellent communication and planning ensure this potentially invasive process is as painless as possible.